How to Find Your Niche and Sell Better

Abiodun Emmanuel
5 min readNov 12, 2021

Starting a brand is one of serveral crucial decision you would take.

This is why it is essential to know the business you want to venture into quite alright.

Doing your due diligence will save you a lot of guess work along the way.

When considering starting a business online here are a few things you should do.

📍Identify the Right Niche

📍Finding the right(Hot) product to sell

📍Selling it

Quite Simple, Right?

But of course, the details is where the real task is.

So let’s get into the details a little…


The most frequent asked questions by people when trying to get started with a business online is,

“what niche is ideal to get started?”

Here what I would tell you when interested in starting your online journey…

what niche on the internet do you fancy or have a intense level of interest in exploring.(this is the first step to identifying your own place online — either base on passion or interest)

I know

tricky one, right?

side bar-----

this could be tricky from a coach perspective especially when your prospects are not interested in what you do

Which is why I present facts and let you decide

because the truth is regardless of the results and benefits you have to back a business model

The final decision is what your prospects says at the end of pitching a business model.

so most times offer variety of options

and ensure you are presenting the right model that suits their interest

side bar end-----

Now this is very vital when starting a business

It is no news the battle of career choice is between PASSION and the BENJAMIN’S

This is why it would be a terrible decision to leap without weighing the options.

You see, starting a business online is no ordinary experience.

Personally while starting out, I dabbled a lot.

Of course, at that time, I didn’t fully understand what I was doing and didn’t know the things I know now…

But still… Had I not tried maybe I wouldn’t have found my answers.

And I only got those answers when I sat down to identify and focus on my drive.

For you the case is different you can make the right choice and learn from the Experience of others.

Because what would you do if you start without proper insight and things are not going how you imagined?

the fact something works for you does not mean it would work for the next

why ?

because if you both don’t have the same level of commitment then you can’t expect to have same results…at the end of the day

It all comes down to individual effort.

Which is why in my opinion I recommended passion

when you’re driven by your passion and doing something you love, it’s easy to enjoy the process.

Are there any ways you could help somebody through your passions?

If the answer is yes

Then that should be the niche you choose.


This phase comes with pull back, because at this point many crumble and feel unqualified due to a syndrome known as the “IMPOSTER SYNDROME.”

This is when you doubt your abilities and we are all fall victims to this syndrome, even the best feel so sometimes.

Hence questioning your ability despite been qualified

And this kind of questions begin to pop up in your head,

“Why should anybody listen to me?”

“I’m no expert in this topic.”

But here is some flash news

You don’t have to be the best, you just have to be 1% better

All that is required is to share your knowledge and get exposure in your niche.

but one thing that holds many people back is that they don’t believe they are an expert or credible enough to sell anything.

They don’t believe anybody will buy from them.

I know how you feel because I struggled with this for a long time in my early days despite all training and knowledge.

i had a pull within that always held me back.

But with time I become intentional, more confident and started putting myself out there and It helped me build credibility

And with time I realized I could help more people.

Becaus the truth is most people want to move from point A to B but don’t know how.

If you can help them out, you could instantly position yourself as a credible authority in any niche.

Therefore having a mindset to help and solve problems is how you brake out of this…

Believing you need to commit months of Learning to become an expert is pure nonsense.

I have created landings, written contents, build funnels and several other stuffs. Of which most of them I learnt in a short period.

Fortunately information is richly available and you can explore the internet to find quality contents or training to get started.

This mindset would only successful hinder you from achieving your dream and helping others.

Kill the imposter syndrome mindset and start now and today.

Everything you need to achieve your dreams is within, you just have to give it room to thrive.

How can you know the product you want to sell?


Since you have choosen a niche you’re intrested or passionate about, look for a product that people have challenges with and sell it to them.

A typical example will be choosing the Digital Marketing Niche.

You can focus on Content Creation and teach people how to create quality contents.

With your product ready all that is left is…


let me share an easy way to attract prospects to buy your products.

You have a Hot product quite alright but you need to figure out what is the best method to sell to your audience.

how you can do this comes down to a singular factor…

Which is

Identifying where the people with said problem are.

Imagine this scenario…

You have spent months in create a Blueprint on diet planning, built a funnel for the product and lunched it

You see thousand of impressions yet only 2–5 sales.

You go back to tweak it but nothing seems to work.(this can be as a result of a headline)

patience is running thin and luckily you get a cold DM from a copywriting explaining why a good copy is necessary for your product

Of course you know how to write copy’s but don’t seem to know what’s wrong

Now at this point which would be important teaching the Important of copywriting or just helping you fix the problem at that moment

similar concept is applicable to figuring how to sell

Your audience is furstrated with an experience, and your product is the Relief.

focus on areas where you targeted audience are

Don’t be generic by targeting everybody rather be specific

Make the solution direct

People want to learn how to create a landing page and don’t want to learn component of landing pages.

Make it simple and easy to implement

But it should also address their pains and desires

And that is How to sell your Products

I believe at this point you are already hyped up

But just before you jump out

If you enjoy this do well to share with your friends and l look forward to great feedback