How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business | Learnoflix Review 2022

Abiodun Emmanuel
5 min readNov 12, 2021


Welcome to Learnoflix Review 2022.

Am going to be doing a very honest review of learnoflix and show you step by step how this works plus how you can get started making money right here in Nigeria with it.

If you’re here then it means you’ve probably heard of learnoflix either from Facebook, or Google or simply from friends talking about it and you want to know if it’s legit or not

Am going to cover

What Learnoflix is all about

  • How you can make money from the platform
  • Who the founder is
  • What you need to get started
  • Etc.

As if that’s not enough; at the end of this review I am also going to recommend a very good video training that’ll help you succeed big time on learnoflix… Yes, a lot of people are doing 6–7 figures monthly on learnoflix right here in Nigeria and you can do it too.

Before we get started, I’d like to let you know something cool.

And what is it?

The truth is that if you read this review and not take action, then it becomes useless altogether, because I do not want to waste your time at all and I love those who take action as they tend to get their desired results.

It’s the reason I wrote this post; to help you achieve your desired results, you are probably here because you want to learn more about learnoflix and how you can make as much money as possible from the platform.

So go through the post carefully and take action so that you can get really good results, if you have questions, you can always drop them in the comment section.

I’ll reply in due time.

Without wasting any more time let's proceed.

What is Learnoflix & How do you Make Money?

Founded by a renowed Online Marketer, Coach and Business Expert, Sam Asiwaju Harvard

He launched Learnoflix in order to help people learn internet marketing as a whole.

With this anyone can actually make money by putting the internet to use.

You can make money from this platform in 2 best ways

1. Through Learning from the Courses

On the platform are very good courses from experts; you can pick and learn, use the skills to make money for yourself.

Am talking high quality courses that’ll teach you marketing skills; ranging from driving traffic and making sales and lots more.

So the first way to make money on the platform is by getting the courses, going through and implementing what you learn.

2. Becoming an Affiliate and Earning Commissions

Yes, the second way is actually the best way to earn from this platform and it’s through affiliate marketing which in other words mean “selling other people’s digital products and earning commission”

Learnoflix also has an affiliate network and with this alone, you can make 6–7 figures in naira monthly.

Just in case you don’t know, when you hear 6 figures, we are talking about N100,000 upwards, and 7 figures start from N1,000,000…

So you can make anywhere between N200k-N400k or even more monthly from learnoflix as a beginner.

Just before then, you may want to know what an affiliate network really is.

An affiliate network is a platform that connects vendors (product creators) with affiliate marketers.

You must have heard of clickbank, warriorplus, jvzoo, expertnaria etc.

Vendors create products and list them on these platforms and your work is to help them promote the products and you get an agreed commission.

For example: I can decide to create and package a product in the form of video training or eBook that teaches people how to lose weight and fix a price, maybe N15,000.

But the issue here is that I can’t start making sales just like that.

So I find a platform like Learnoflix and list it there.

Once it’s listed in learnoflix, people can help me promote it and they get a commission.

Commissions range from 30%, 50% upward.

Where do you actually come in?

You make money by helping vendors promote the products through your affiliate link, and if the product is fixed at 50% commission, you’ll get 50% of the sale.

Which means if a product is being sold at N15,000 and you make a sale, you get credited N7,500

If you make 10 sales, that’s N75,0000

If you make 100 sales, that’s N750,000

How to Get Started on Learnoflix, Signup And Start Making Money.

First thing to do is to register on learnoflix and registration fee is N50,000($100)

You may be asking “Why N50,000?”

Well, this is to separate/filter the serious from the unserious ones.

It’s believed that you only take what you pay for seriously and am super sure that this is even a way to motivate you to work hard and smart to get good results from the platform.

I’ve been into affiliate marketing for some time now and I know how a lot of people sign up to different affiliate networks for free and abandon them all just because it’s free.

Apart from this, unlike other affiliate networks, Learnoflix has a steady and dedicated support that’ll assist their members anytime you face issues and other cool benefits you can’t get from affiliate networks like clickbank and the rest.

So N50,000($100) registration fee shouldn’t bother you at all, considering how much you can make from the platform monthly.

How to Join Learnoflix?

  1. Click Here
  2. Go to Description
  3. Click Link in Description to Watch a Brief Webinar and Sign Up
  4. Make Your Payment and

Booom, you’re in.

Now you can get your affiliate links, start promoting products and earning commissions.

If you don’t know how to promote, or you are a newbie to affiliate marketing then there is a training product called the 7 Figure Income Guide (The Product that makes one an affiliate marketer with Learnoflix)

It will teach you step by step how to promote products on learnoflix and make money.

Am sure this learnoflix review helps you make a good decision and let’s you make money online here in Nigeria and from anywhere around the world.

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