Revealed: How to Made over N800k+ with Affiliate Marketing {Learnoflix}

Abiodun Emmanuel
3 min readMay 20, 2021

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In this report I would be sharing with you a platform that anyone in africa can get started with irrespective of you been from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and all around the world.

If you are intentional about making a living on the side from Nigeria/Ghana, you have to read this properly as I reveal to you how you can making a passive stream of income with learnoflix. this system is so smooth that a 23yrs old used it to generate N800k+ within 30days, by following a easy guide and you too can achieve same results also.

P.S: This is not a Ponzi get rich scheme, proper work is required to achieve results

What is Learnoflix?

Learnoflix is an affiliate program dedicated to Digital courses. As a Learnoflix affiliate you earn commission for recommending courses, and they offer irresistible courses with commission ranging from 30–50%.

As a commitment to ensuring you become a successful affiliate you are provided with training courses








With access to all this premium courses, mentoring and training you would be of to a good start in no time.

How to Join Learnoflix

Like most regular affiliate network you are required to register with Learnoflix to gain access and start earning. Joining Learnoflix requires a registration fee of $100(we can agree with all include this is a steal). Becoming a Learnoflix affiliate gives you lifetime access to the platform. Did I also mention your earnings are in dollars.

On Learnoflix you can earn with various methods. this includes;

You get 40% commission when you recommend a visitor who buys a course

Learnoflix offers 10% commission on in-direct referral. that is when a referral of your brings someone else one board it sets up a chain for further earning.

On learnoflix you have the opportunity of monetizing your knowledge by creating your own courses and uploading it unto the platform

Now you see the reason it was less difficult for a 23yrs old to make N863k in a month.

Joining Learnoflix comes with a lot of benefits, Imagine having to learn every bonus courses separately it would cost far more compare to fee for registration. with everything included in this program you can achieve success in advertising and marketing for any business whatsoever.

Learnoflix master Coaching and Zoom Training makes it an ideal platform for everyone. as a affiliate on the platform you are guided and have access to other associates to guide you when you need assistance.

Most Affiliate Networks don’t posses this features and it is the main reason many of them fail due to lack of proper training.

With that I invite you to Join the LearnOflix Team Today

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.